[Debian-eeepc-devel] [NEWBIE] EeePc as public internet tablet

Guilhem Bonnefille guilhem.bonnefille at gmail.com
Sun May 24 20:58:42 UTC 2009


I'm a happy user of DebianEeePc since few month now. So, a great thank
for all the job done.
And today, I've just discovred DebianEeepcLive project which is really
near some idea I have.

Using this hardware opened my mind and I discovered (and imagined) new
usage for this.

First of them is the protection of personal data. As EeePc is light, I
bring it everywhere. But, doing this, I have the risk to loose it (or
worth, someone can steal it). So, I need a way to protect any personal
data, eventually in a separated media (USB key or SD card?).
Secondly, at home I can share this hardware with some friends. So I
really don't want them to access my private data (I really need a
"home" in a removable device).
Thirdly, at home, many people can use this device (my wife and I).

For all of these reasons, I imagine that the coolest distro for my
EeePc 701 is something related to a live distro, with some persistent
solution. And I'm really impressed to discover all of this already
exists in the form of DebianEeepcLive project.

But, some of my needs are quite different than main goal of this
project. I understood that the main goal is to have a demo distrib.
Furthermore, technically, I plan to tune the distro in order to have a
really-quick startup and I plan to install it directly on the HDD
(humh... SDD) to gain more and more.
So, do you know any (possible) fork project more close to my needs?
Or, do you have any tips/info for me (I've just discovered the project
few minutes later, and only did a try to the img).

Thanks in advance.
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