[Debian-eeepc-devel] Network on Eee 1101HA

Eystein Bye eysteinbye at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 09:10:20 UTC 2009


I dont know if this is the right place to post this (so I apologize if Im

I have a Asus Eee 1101HA that I try to install DebianEee on.
I use the debian-eeepc.img (16MB) net-installer, but the installer does not
find any networking and can therefor not complete.

I have tryed other distros (Ubuntu, Mint,Suse and Mandrive) and noone gets
the network going :(
The Lan and WLan is working (Tryed in Windows).

What WiFi controller is in the 1101HA, and how do I get it working?
Will it soon be included as supported model?

Regards, Eystein
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