[Debian-eeepc-devel] WLAN toggle fix for 900A - how to submit a patch

Andreas Schreiner andreas.schreiner at sonnenmulde.at
Wed Sep 23 09:56:30 UTC 2009


I have now changed the /etc/init.d/eeepc-acpi-scripts file to fix the  
issues with WLAN toggle on the EeePC 900A. It now checks if it's  
running on a 900A and does not unload the pciehp modue until kernel  
version 2.6.32.

Since I have never submitted a patch to any project before I'd like to  
get some advice on how to continue.

 From what I have seen here, I suppose it is just fine to submit a  
diff to this very list - is it? What eeepc-acpi-scripts version should  
I use for the diff? The current 1.1.2 version or rather the latest  
version in git. I never used git before but I think I will be able to  
figure out that much at least.

I also have a more specific quesition about the diff. Are there any  
commandline options required go tet a usuabe result? What to use best?

Thank you for any information,




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