[Debian-eeepc-devel] eeepc-acpi-scripts integration: please test

Luca Niccoli lultimouomo at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 14:19:39 UTC 2010

On 11 June 2010 14:51, Ben Armstrong <synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca> wrote:

> The trail is now cold on this discussion.  Are we close yet to being able to
> merge this branch?  I consider it quite important to finish it in order to
> reach our "just works" goal.

I've been having some hardware problems lately with my eee, so I don't
know how much intensive work I'll be able to do with it (I'm
experiencing some random hard freezes that make working with it a
I could surely do some polishing and fixing if needed though.
The state as of now is:
#581312 is a blocker, wireless toggling is completely broken in
acpi-support as of now.

I can't think of a clever way of supporting wireless toggling with
rt2870 on broken kernels; I guess depending on linux >= 2.6.32-5 would
be by far the easiest way. The user could still be runnning an old one
though, but it's a bug in the kernel and we can't do much about it..

The computer doesn't suspend when the lid is closed (if a power
manager doesn't do that on its own), since taht is the default in
acpi-support. Some time ago it was rumored that it could be a thermal
problem for eees, but [0] seems to suggest it is not. It would be a
change of behaviour though.

The mixer stuff should probably be removed or moved to acpi-support.
Since in the integration branch it's turned off by default, this isn't
a big problem.

The same goes for OSD

The same does NOT go for vga toggle: it will do things on non-eee
systems, and it shouldn't. Since the functionality we are providing
depends on Xorg being running anyway, I think we should let some X
program deal with it (xfce, gnome and kde at least do that by default
I think)

In my branch I moved scripts away from /etc. I think this is the most
sensible choice, but Damyan disagrees. It's not something that is
needed for the integration with acpi-support at all, but If a choice
is made to keep scripts in /etc then you have to move scripts back
before changing my branch

I can't think of anything else by now...


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