[Debian-eeepc-devel] Is there a right way to do fan control on the Asus 701 4G?

Glyn Webster glynwebster at orcon.net.nz
Thu Sep 30 03:14:09 UTC 2010

On 30/09/10 13:57, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> ...  I wouldn't be able to
> say, with confidence, it would work for all of our users, so we've taken
> the conservative stance that we provide the controls that ASUS itself
> provides (that is, S.H.E., for the models supporting it).

Yeah, I've no idea how many things have to be taken into consideration. 
I'm just going to stop worrying about it, because I'm now having trouble 
finding a way to make my EEEPC hot enough to make the fan turn on...


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