[Debian-eeepc-devel] ASUS EeePC X101 works fine with Sid

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Sun Feb 26 16:38:30 UTC 2012

Hi Paul,

sorry for the late reply. I forgot that I don't receive this list in
my default inbox and haven't had a look into my d-eeepc-devel inbox
for a while.

Paul Menzel wrote:
> > I bought an EeePC X101 (US model with Meego and 8 GB SSD, just two USB
> > slots, no external video socket) two months ago and Debian Sid amd64
> > runs fine on it.
> thank you for the information. In Germany this device seems to be
> selling for around 170 € which seems a reasonable price.

Yes. I IIRC paid CHF 199 for it at www.digitec.ch. It's no more
available there though.

> What is your experience how long the battery lasts?

Not sooo long. Around 3h I'd say. It's only a three cell battery.

> Does Debian run as long as the shipped MeeGo installation?

No idea. Meego didn't last on that box for more than two hours, then
it got overwritten with Sid. ;-)

> Could you attach the output of `acpi -V` please?

I currently don't have it with me, but will do. (My good old EeePC 701
is still my primary netbook and I'm writing this on the 701. :-)

> Is video playback working well for you?

For most videos, yes.

> Is the graphics hardware able to play high definition videos like
> from YouTube (`clive --format=best …`)?

.mp4s seem to play well, but I had performance issues with some .ts
files. (Not even an idea what format that is but mplayer played it.
:-) Will have to check the details and the resolutions of the movies
which had issues.

> And last but not least do you know if there are any extensions/means
> to connect an external display?

Not on mine, but I heard about models with normal disk instead of SSD,
one more USB socket and external VGA. Not sure which combinations are

Oh, and I occassionaly have random X crashes following a reboot with
the 3.2 kernel while this kernel works fine on my 701. Not sure if
it's a kernel bug or a hardware issue. I just experienced that once on
the 701, too, but only when playing "drums" on the 701's palm rests.

		Regards, Axel
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