[Debian-hebrew-package] [svn] r150 - cdd/trunk/profiles

kobi zamir kobi_zamir at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 6 21:56:59 UTC 2005


I want to add ivritex+latex to the cdd disk #1, but it
is a big package, any comments, is it inside 650M ?

I also want to add more devel things (e.g.
manpages-dev anjuta [when they fix the pango bug]
devhelp and some devel libraries). The thing that _I_
like about linux is not its games and not its office
suites, it is the Wealth of development goodies. 

O.K not lesstiff :-)

I think that the two most strong points in linux today
are web serving and development, using this logic we
need to install apache php ... and QT, GTK ... . 

We assume that web-masters ans developers know how to
set this things by themself and use apt-get. but what
if they can not connect to the net ? than what we put
in the first install CD is all they will have. 

For example a student in dormitories or just a user
that can not find the right USB driver for his modem
will not have net connection when they first use the

If the apps in that first CD will only be open-office
(MS-office is better) and gnome-games (Win platform
has better games) they will not try to connect to the
net to find the realy good stuf.


what do you think about nikud as replacement to
ivritex ?

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