[Debian-hebrew-package] [svn] r150 - cdd/trunk/profiles

Baruch Even baruch at ev-en.org
Sat Aug 6 22:13:36 UTC 2005

kobi zamir wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to add ivritex+latex to the cdd disk #1, but it
> is a big package, any comments, is it inside 650M ?
> I also want to add more devel things (e.g.
> manpages-dev anjuta [when they fix the pango bug]
> devhelp and some devel libraries). The thing that _I_
> like about linux is not its games and not its office
> suites, it is the Wealth of development goodies. 

At this rate we'll need to produce an install DVD...

> For example a student in dormitories or just a user
> that can not find the right USB driver for his modem
> will not have net connection when they first use the
> system.

There will always be another crowd that needs serving and wants some
other program on the install CD. It has no end.

We should strive to provide an overall useful install CD. If there is a
specific crowd that needs catering, we can produce a version for him.

If Shay Sarid needs an install CD for schools, I'll be more than happy
to produce a version for him. If someone else needs something somewhat
different we can produce another version.

The whole idea of the Debian-Hebrew install CD is to serve as a base for
extension for different crowds. I produce a base version on top of which
it is possible to do variations. The base version needs to cater to a
large enough crowd to provoke interest.

> If the apps in that first CD will only be open-office
> (MS-office is better) and gnome-games (Win platform
> has better games) they will not try to connect to the
> net to find the realy good stuf.

And VSC++ might be better than gcc, and VS.Net might be better than
Mono. There is no end to this and besides the basic dev tools to get
basic stuff working I see no reason to include it. The full dev packages
 can easily fill a CD by themselves.

If it is really needed we can produce a second CD with extra packages
for users to install.

Notice also that the current installation will install all programs to
the machine with no choice of the user so he finds an easy environment
for himself. I might be agreeable to provide one IDE environment, for
those high school kids who will also want to program in Linux. But we
have to limit it.

> p.s.
> what do you think about nikud as replacement to
> ivritex ?
> http://nikud.berlios.de/

No idea. I wish and asked for them to merge the projects, but no work
was done on this.


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