[Debian-hebrew-package] Debian hebrew packages for Sarge

kobi zamir kobi_zamir at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 30 11:59:30 UTC 2005


1) Some locale packages in Debian-Hebrew CDD RC1 will
not install on sarge, kkbswitch, hdate-applet and

I made some sarge packages in:

2) The target user will use sarge, do we need a sarge
repository ?

3) I inserted libhdate to the Debian Hebrew svn,
please use it.

4) For some reason the postinst scripts do not work
when I use them in path. I changed the hebrew-sttings
script to work by copeing the script the current dir.
but if you know the reason for this bug please fix it.

5) I added a debian-hebrew-doc-viewr script to the
debian-hebrew-doc package, I did not know what menu
entry to add. the logic is that a user will not have
to look for the /usr/......./index.html file, He will
use a menu item to lounch the Hebrew documentation.

6) At the end of the CDD install the
/etc/apt/sources.list has no repository ?

7) Does d-i set locales for lang xx_XX overriding our
preseeding ?, how can we fix that ?


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