[Debian-hebrew-common] Re: [Debian-hebrew-package] Bug#418430: mixed hebrew/english spell checking is needed

Diego Iastrubni elcuco at kde.org
Sat Apr 21 01:34:28 UTC 2007


I do beleave you are right. really this is a problem in kde, and not hspell. 
but hey, this is also a problem in firefox. and then emacs, and vim, and what 

with the hack i propose: we fix all those programs, without any side effect. i 
am currently using firefox and here i see that both hebrew and english are 
spelled. if i was not lazy, and i used multispell, i assume i could also use 
spanish as a 3rd fallback. go do this from mozilla.

i vote for fixing this bug. even tough it's a work arround in (n) packages. i 
would like to fix it here centrally.

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