Bug#418430: [Debian-hebrew-common] Re: [Debian-hebrew-package] Bug#418430: mixed hebrew/english spell checking is needed

Baruch Even baruch at debian.org
Sat Apr 21 03:10:21 UTC 2007

* Diego Iastrubni <elcuco at kde.org> [070421 03:41]:
> baruch,
> I do beleave you are right. really this is a problem in kde, and not hspell. 
> but hey, this is also a problem in firefox. and then emacs, and vim, and what 
> else...
> with the hack i propose: we fix all those programs, without any side effect. i 
> am currently using firefox and here i see that both hebrew and english are 
> spelled. if i was not lazy, and i used multispell, i assume i could also use 
> spanish as a 3rd fallback. go do this from mozilla.

According to Kobi this is a fix that will only work for kde3 and will
not work after that.

And there is a side effect, we put a hack into the hspell package which
only works for Hebrew based spell checking, a pretty ugly hack. In
addition, the alternatives system in Debian is supposed to be used for
cases when there are several cooperating packages that all provide the
same functionality and want/need to use the same executable name, f.ex.
java.  The proposed use here seems to me to be against the policy.


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