[Debian-olpc-devel] Bug#477045: sugar-sharedstate: FTBFS: dh_install: sugar-sharingtest-activity missing files (debian/tmp/usr/share/activities/*), aborting

avoine patrick.hetu at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 19:02:13 UTC 2008


> >and, as Holger reported, I have journal, calculate, sharingtest and 
> >pippy installed, but I don't see any of them.
> I don't understand.  Where did Holger report this?  And what do you mean 
> "installed" - did you install packages from somewhere or raw Activity 
> zipfiles or what?

This is because the last version of sugar only look for activities in
the ~/Activities folder. If you want to install/Update activities, on
the XO not Debian, now you must run the script describe in this wiki


In Debian, I think you can create a symlink making ~/Activities pointing
to the /usr/share/activities/ folder and you will see the activities.

I really don't know how we can fix this issue, maybe the symlink could
be in the /etc/skel/ folder? 

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