[Debian-olpc-devel] sugar-etoys-activity not working as expected.

Ankur Khurana ankur at seeta.in
Wed Jul 28 17:53:34 UTC 2010


I packaged sugar-etoys-activity and it is not working as expected.Well when
i run the activity under emulator , it shows a warning

An error has occurred; you should probably just hit 'abandon'.  Sorry!

when going for debugging , it shows ,

[] in Project class>>spawnNewProcess {[[World doOneCycle.  Processor yield.
false] whileFalse.  nil]}
             UIProcess _ [
            [World doOneCycle.  Processor yield.  false] whileFalse: [].
             ] newProcess priority: Processor userSchedulingPriority.
             UIProcess resume

[] in BlockContext>>newProcess {[self value.  Processor terminateActive]}
                         "Answer a Process running the code in the receiver.
The process is not scheduled."
                         <primitive: 19> "Simulation guard"
                         [self value.
                         Processor terminateActive] asContext
                         priority: Processor activePriority

Now, i have two questions, what will be a good starting point to start
fixing it? and the other one is that does this have anything to do with the
packaging ?
Any suggestions are welcomed . :)

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