[debian-yeeloong-project] d-i Yeeloong port in progress

Colin Watson cjwatson at debian.org
Fri Jun 3 10:23:59 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jun 02, 2011 at 12:39:23PM -0400, Jason Woofenden wrote:
> Great to hear about you putting so much time into getting debian
> running and installing well on lemote.
> I'm not sure what falls under d-i exactly, but the main thing that
> seems to me to be missing is the yeeloong_laptop kernel module.
> This is needed for the battery monitor, and temp sensors for fan
> speed control. (It'd also be great to have fan speed
> auto-adjusted by default; the lemote is pretty loud otherwise.)

This doesn't seem to have been merged into the upstream kernel yet,
unless I'm looking in the wrong place.  Doing that would be the best way
to get it into Debian.

For the most part, this is outside the control of the installer team,
though.  The only thing we might need to do is at some point ensure that
the yeeloong_laptop module is copied into a udeb so that it's available
during installation; but aside from that, kernel modules are the
responsibility of the kernel team.

> Last I checked (2-3 months ago?), WiFi worked fine under the debian loongson-2f
> kernel (debian unstable) but you have to hit Fn+F5 to enable it.

Ah.  That helped, thanks; it's still flaky for me, but that might just
be local wireless conditions.  It looks like d-i has the right pieces,

> On 2011-06-02 02:19PM, Colin Watson wrote:
> >  * fix up partitioner to have correct checks on /boot so that PMON can
> >    read from it (it currently requires ext2r0 more or less by accident,
> >    which is too strict)

Done.  (The ext2r0 bit was an artifact of my image build process, and
I've fixed the build system so that that won't happen again.)

> >  * add mipsel/loongson-2f support to grub-installer

Done but not yet uploaded.

I have not yet arranged for 'console=tty no_auto_cmd' to be added to the
kernel command line automatically.  However: there is no trace of
no_auto_cmd anywhere in the kernel tree that I can find, and, when I try
booting either d-i or an installed system without either of those
parameters, everything seems to work just fine.  Is this just stale
documentation from before the kernel got fixed to do the right thing by
default, or something?  If we no longer need those kernel arguments,
that would be a definite improvement - in general, it's awkward to need
to have to pass different kernel parameters on different architectures.

> >  * autopartitioning recipes


> >  * make grub-installer create a suitable boot.cfg if it doesn't already
> >    exist

Done but not yet uploaded.  I haven't tested this yet, and I know that
it won't handle /boot not being the first partition at the moment.

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at debian.org]

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