[debian-yeeloong-project] Yeeloong support status

lluvia_lists at lavabit.com lluvia_lists at lavabit.com
Thu Sep 15 10:51:02 UTC 2011

>> I don't understand very well the using of X that you are talking,
> I don't understand it, too. Realy. I even don't know what X means. Just
thought it's some kind of grafic anything. So I used the word X but I
actually don't exactly know what it is.

Normally X, x or other names (as I did with n) indicates a unknown
variable that depends of your particular installation, in this case, is
the partition where the distro is installed. I'm agree that it should be
notice often so it's possible that the reader is not familiar with the
particular notation (how linux kernel names hard disk devices, in this
case). Yeah, also X is the name of the graphic stuf, so it is annoying,
but in this case is not related at all with that.

> Yes, this works. Many things loaded but then there's a black screen, HD
> LED is blinking, sometimes. When I push ENTER button (just because)

For a reason that I unknown, I also have to type ENTER after ~6 seconds
from the 'g' command. I also started noticing that just when pressing it,
the blue led which shows activity on the hard disks, started blinking and
then system booted normally.

I understand that when one has a new laptop but there are so much troubles
for setting it up is an annoying thing, so, please, don't worry a lot, I'm
sure it will working soon :)

> then I have a white underline at the upper left but it's not blinking
>  and I can't type anything else. I tried ALT+F2 and other buttons but
>  there's no reaction.

I don't know that error. I think it could be cause of a wrong
installation. Since you said

> I've tried to install debian by myselfe.
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianYeeloong/HowTo/Install

Do you think that always worked different as it is explain there? Which
instructions did you follow exctly?

Maybe it is a good idea to install the distro again and write notes about
what seems different as indicated. Then, ask us with that notes.

PS: Don't worry about to have a graphical environement yet. The first step
is to load an installed distro and have a "mode-text" login. That login is
a black screen (maybe with a lot of text above) which shows something
similar to:

   name-of-my-machine login:(Enter here your user name, or root for
                             administrative purposses)
   Password:(Enter here the user's password)

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