[debian-yeeloong-project] Lemote Mini-PC 6004 D-I Problem

Ted Krovetz ted at krovetz.net
Sun Aug 5 12:38:16 UTC 2012

I got two responses to my query:

1) My Mini-PC *is* running but displays nothing on screen and I should be able to ssh into it. I never see the hard disk light flicker, and my DHCP server never grants a lease, so I don't think this is right.

2) Hit <ENTER> to make booting continue. This didn't help.

If any of the people working on the debian-installer for yeelong are monitoring this list, I'd be happy to help you debug the problem. In PMON, using cat and dir, I've verified that boot.cfg and grub.elf are both on (wd0,0).


  boot (wd0,0)/grub.elf

launch my installation directly from PMON? It loads the file, but then hangs.

I know my system works. The preinstalled "rays" linux booted and ran just fine, and so did the installer.

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