[OT] Re: [Debtags-devel] libtagcoll updates

Erich Schubert Erich Schubert <erich.schubert@gmail.com>
Tue, 5 Apr 2005 15:19:29 -0700

Ah, ok. reference count is needed to be more than 0, of course.

wrt reiserfs:
I had a similar problem with reiserfs... actually reiserfsck made it worse.=
I ran reiserfsck in --dummy mode, and it recommended that I check the
file system.
So I did that. After that, I could only mount the filesystem
read-only, another run of reiserfsck made that impossible, too... I
think a later version of reiserfsck (half a year later) was actually
capable of restoring the filesystem. But I do not trust reiserfs
since... especially since a lot of people I know had similar

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