[Debtags-devel] Lots of bugs fixed

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at gmx.net
Fri Aug 5 14:54:22 UTC 2005

Hello Enrico,

I have done everything in my power to make the transition of debtags and
libdebtags into a single package. The rest is up to you. Take a look at
the TODO-bigmerge file where the tasks that need to be done are
outlined. I was unable to test the package creation, because the
important parts are not yet merged (automake files). So this is up to
you. I have worked with great care, but I might have messed up things
anyways, so be careful :-)
Note that all the libdebtags packages have a link to the
libdebtags.copying file (yeah - since v1.1 svn supports links!) now.

Have fun merging the branch back :-P

If everything went smooth and you were able to successfully create the
packages, I think I can head for libtagcoll.

Greetings Ben

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