[Debtags-devel] Updating tags on svn

Justin B Rye jbr at edlug.org.uk
Sat Aug 13 11:12:37 UTC 2005

Reviving some dead threads:

>>>  - kernel module sources
>> These absolutely aren't drivers.  It might be useful to have a tag
>> specifically for source packages, given that we also have things
>> like qmail-src and kernel-source-*.  Or something.
> Why not?  If I want to use my centrino wlan card, I have to install
> ipw2200-source.

Plus a compiler, but that doesn't make gcc a driver.  If
module-source gets tagged as role::driver, should qmail-src be
tagged as role::server?

>  It's true that I also have to turn it into a kernel
> module using module-assistant, but the function of ipw2200-source for me
> is indeed the function of a driver.

Even if so, remember that "role::" doesn't mean "use::".  A
package's function as providing support for a particular piece of
hardware would fit very neatly under the hardware:: facet.  This
approach has the advantage that role:: would then be available to
distinguish the packages that provide drivers as executable software
from the packages that provide development libraries for them,
documentation for them, etcetera.   (How are we tagging the
kernel-{doc,header,image,source}-* packages, anyway?)

> Especially, if I'm looking for packages to make my new hardware work,

(My advice would be to start with modconf; thinking in terms of
"installing drivers" always strikes me as a bit of a Windowsism in
the first place.  But then again, I don't get new hardware.)

> I'd go for selecting the role::sw:driver tag and I'd expect to also find
> ipw2200-source among the results.

If those expectations are based on the facet's name, then maybe we
need to give it a less misleading name.  The role:: facet is doing
the job of distinguishing between -doc, lib-, -bin, -dev and so on.
A category for -source packages might fit; one for drivers doesn't.

> use::gaming (to be renamed in use::entertaining)
> or x11::game (as I wouldn't look for packages like
> frozen-bubble under x11::application).  Maybe x11::entertainment instead
> of x11::game, to include cappuccino, xsnow, xeyes?

"Entertainment" is too broad, unless we want it to cover mozilla,
vlc and pornview as well.  My own suggestion was "use::gameplaying".
Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing)

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