[Debtags-devel] poptags

Justin B Rye jbr at edlug.org.uk
Sat Aug 13 11:12:56 UTC 2005

Benjamin Mesing wrote:
> Btw. one way that comes to my mind for another, search independent,
> ranking strategy would be, to rank lib packages lower than other
> packages. Somehow this seems to lead my thougts to the rating of tags
> (or even sections) by popularity (something like: "A lot of packages
> often directly installed by the user, have the use::xxx tag, so every
> package having this tag should be ranked high."). 

The use:: facet won't work there - libraries have uses too.  Zlibc,
for instance, is tagged use::compressing.  If you want to find
packages in "support" roles, you need the role:: facet, and the old
special:: tag "auto-inst-parts".
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