[Debtags-devel] poptags

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at gmx.net
Sat Aug 13 08:23:51 UTC 2005


> > (how will I convince my keyboard to print an é when typing accent,
> > followed by an 'e'?)
> Get an AZERTY keyboard (French, among other flavors)... ;-)
Well in Windows (a long time ago ;-) I used to type first the accent
followed by the character I wanted to be accented, but this does not
work for my linux/keyboard configuration

> > I for my part, will combine different kinds of scoring (using a fancy
> > plugin structure :-). Popcon data will be only one stone in the mosaic
> > of the scores.
> I would be curious to know which kinds of scoring you can use...
The scoring strategies I've already implemented, depend on the search
you've done. For a fulltext search the occurences of the search pattern
are used to calculate the scores. For the related search (search
packages related to another one) the tagset distance between the
selected package and the packages found is taken.
However for the "normal" debtags search I have not found any criterias
for scoring. Perhaps because debtags was designed to reduce the number
of packages found so far, that no scoring is needed :-)

Btw. one way that comes to my mind for another, search independent,
ranking strategy would be, to rank lib packages lower than other
packages. Somehow this seems to lead my thougts to the rating of tags
(or even sections) by popularity (something like: "A lot of packages
often directly installed by the user, have the use::xxx tag, so every
package having this tag should be ranked high."). However I am not sure
if like this. We already had a similar discussion about ranking tags
towards their usefulness.

> If there is some kind of moderation and if it is manual (I don't know
> anything about that), I can understand Enrico is not in front of his
> computer all the time! ;-)
The list is not moderated, but is unmoderated only for subscribers. You
should have gotten a message, that your mail was forwarded to the owner
for approval if you are not on the list.

Greetings Ben

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