Re: [Debtags-devel] Updating tags on svn

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at
Wed Aug 17 06:38:05 UTC 2005


> > role::sw:backgrounder
> I don't like this title.
Neither do I.

I don't know if we will serve our users well in having well defined tags,
where nobody knows the definition!
Perhaps we should avoid trying to be totally unambigous and correct. We will
never achieve this. Let us stay with common terms, where a lot of people
actually have an idea about it, and rely on this idea. There is no use in
inventing fancy new tags, nobody knows what they should mean - there will be
very few people going and learning our definition of the tags. Always keep
in mind, that tags must be found by the user! I think the _tag_ is the thing
that should give a good idea about what it is about, the description can be
used for clarifications.

That said, I propose to keep role::sw:daemon with a short description like
"daemons and daemon-like programs, e.g. tools run reguarly (by cron) without
user invention"

Perhaps this description is to technical. But keep in mind, that most people
searching for such programs will have heard the word daemon before.

That's what I think anyways...

> All the tags also need a one-line description (which usually is even
> harder to write).
> This is needed for UIs where we do not want to expose the (usually
> confusing) tag title, but don't want to waste too much screen space
> for the full description.
Full Ack.

Greetings Ben

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