[Debtags-devel] Updating tags on svn

Thaddeus H. Black t at b-tk.org
Wed Aug 17 20:42:40 UTC 2005

Justin wrote:
> Thaddeus wrote:
> > role::sw:utility
> > 
> >  A lean, tightly focused tool (or a collection of such tools), normally
> >  run noninteractively, which
> Maybe "commonly" or "naturally" rather than "normally".  They're
> designed to suit noninteractive uses, forming the basic building
> blocks of pipes and toolchains (mixed metaphor alert).

Thinking about this, I believe that any of the three adverbs would suit;
but if acceptable to you, "normally" would nevertheless be preferred.
The reason is that "commonly" refers to the activities of unknown users;
and "naturally" refers to the natural state of an engineered system;
while "normally" refers to the principal intended use for which a
program was packaged.  Also, the adverb "normally" parallels the
established usage of "normal" in Debian Policy, for example
in Policy 9.1.2.

(Blocks, pipes and chains, eh?  Rather industrial of you, I'd say.)

> Strange how the upshot is that these are the glossy, powerful,
> user-friendly packages, but our definitions always sound like
> criticisms. 

Right.  I was subconsciously criticizing applications when I drafted
that, because I personally happen to prefer utilities.  Let me reword it
to alleviate the bias.
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