[Debtags-devel] AI Tagger

Thaddeus H. Black t at b-tk.org
Mon Aug 22 13:26:25 UTC 2005

Regarding Thaddeus' DebParse modules, Enrico wrote:
> I don't think people would care about the language it's implemented in.
> And if someone did, they could really reimplement it themselves.
> If you don't have time but would like to try, you can just implement the
> Reverse-Build-Depends part, then make a tiny commandline wrapper that
> does only that, and announce it on -devel with a link to download.

Now that you explain it, I think that your idea is better than mine.
Part of the reason I wanted to avoid packaging the modules is that I
wish to remain free (for now) to modify the API.  Your proposal
preserves this.

I do not know if I can act on this immediately, but I will try to do it
within the next three or four weeks.  Thanks for the wise advice.

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