[Debtags-devel] Proposed Debtags goals for Etch

Justin B Rye jbr at edlug.org.uk
Sun Jul 17 20:42:38 UTC 2005

> Push them on!

Okay, here they are.  If anyone has ideas for slightly improved
versions of any of these, please mention them - better to get things
right before they go into the vocabulary than after. 

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Tag: admin::package-management
Description: Package-management - installed/available software

 (But then again, maybe tools like debtags or pdbv don't belong in
 "admin::" - should there be a "works-with::packages"?)

Tag: culture::american
Description: US localization
Tag: culture::british
Description: UK localization (or localisation)
Tag: culture::canadian
Description: Canadian localization

 (I can imagine these labels may annoy, eg, francophone Canadians...
 but at least they follow existing dictionary-package labelling
 practice.  Unfortunately some don't distinguish; does that mean we
 need ::english, or do those count by default as ::american, or
 ::undef, or what?)

Tag: culture::geek
Description: Hackerese localization

 (Only joking... though the more I think about it the more useful it
 seems.  Oh, and we're also short of ::breton, gaelic, galician,
 latin, latvian, lithuanian, manx, slovenian, swahili, swedish,
 swissgerman and tagalog.  How'd we get ::faroese before ::swedish?)

Tag: field::arts-graphical
Description: Creative endeavors in the graphical arts
Tag: field::arts-musical
Description: Creative endeavors in the musical arts

 (That is, these are for guitar-tab apps rather than cd-players.
 But maybe that line's too blurred)

Tag: field::linguistics
Description: Linguistics and (human) languages

 (Or perhaps ::language, but I'm showing my personal bias here.
 This covers festival, praat, tipa, translate...  Meanwhile,
 field::geology looks to me like a dud.)

Tag: implemented-in::sh
Description: System shell scripts

 (Includes a lot of the #!/bin/sh scripts currently mislabelled
 as ::bash.  Or maybe if we're reorganising these we can have an
 all-inclusive made-of::language-shell.)

Tag: interface::automated
Description: Scripted invocation

 (A distinctly pedantic extra category for things that normally run
 out of loginscripts, crontabs, etc rather than being either direct
 end-user commands or true daemons; includes window-managers, backup
 systems, ssh-agent, logrotate, popularity-contest, infrastructure
 updaters like defoma...)

Tag: interface::svga
Description: SVGA user interface

 (Console apps such as dvisvga, thrust or zgv, with GUIs not
 dependent on X and/or framebuffer.)

Tag: langdevel::pascal
Description: Pascal Development

 (For fp-compiler, gpc etcetera)

Tag: sound::oss
Description: OSS - Open Sound System
Tag: sound::alsa
Description: ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
 (for audio software that specifically requires one or the other)

Tag: suite::gimp
Description: The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Tag: suite::gkrellm
Description: The GNU (or GTK) Krell Monitors (or Meters)
Tag: suite::openoffice
Description: The OpenOffice suite
Tag: suite::samba
Description: The SAMBA suite
Tag: suite::tex, or do I mean ::tetex
Description: All that t3x/l4t3x stuff
Tag: suite::xmms
Description: X MultiMedia System

 (I don't know how far we'd want to stretch this; some of the above
 are listed because they have many "plugin" packages, some because
 they specifically claim to be suites)

Tag: works-with::db
Description: Data stored in database format
 (This tag could go on anything from a commandline db-dumper to a
 full relational database management system, but isn't meant to
 relate to ASCII-text datafiles as in "logcheck-database")

Tag: works-with::log
Description: System logs

 (Some of these are also security::log-analyzer; most aren't)

Tag: works-with::man
Description: troff-formatted manual pages

 (And maybe ::info?  We might even want a format/made-of:: for man
 and info, to use on docs packages, but they might get lost among
 the it-happens-to-contain-just-one::manpage tags)

Tag: works-with::metadata
Description: File metadata

 (For ID3-taggers, EXIF data-dumpers, ogg collection organisers,
 libextract etc)

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Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing)

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