[Debtags-devel] List admin issues

Enrico Zini enrico@enricozini.org
Sun, 5 Jun 2005 12:12:10 +0200

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I did a small round of list admin duty, and we now have these open

 1) Posting to debtags-devel: many people write who are not subscribed,
    and cross-posting from other lists makes lots of sense.  However,
    spam does arrive.
    I would like to keep the list as it is (posts from non-subscribed
    require moderation), but I can't get mailman to send me
    notifications when there are messages requiring attention: the list
    owner address is my address, but I don't get the mails.
    No idea how to get out of this.

    Once this works, I could also consider setting mailman not to send a
    notification message to posters when they await for moderation.  but
    if this would be only to keep asuffield from complaining, the best
    strategy would be to just ignore asuffield's complaints as usual.
 2) Some Chinese company that particularly likes Alioth started spamming
    on the debtags-commits mailing list, and my administration password
    for that list doesn't seem to work.

    /me curses mailman for not having a proper account database and
    just using a single password for everything I should do.  And for
    not having a "recover lost password" for the administrative
    interface, by the way.

    I will start figuring out what is the process for getting a new
    one; in the meantime:
     - if someone has the password, please let me know
     - we'll probably have one post per day for them until I solve this:
       the analogous situation is happening with debian-np-devel.
       I'm really sorry about that; consider boycotting chinese products
       in the meantime.

I welcome suggestions on better ways of handling this: I'd like to spend
the most of my time writing code and answering people in the list rather
than keeping mosquitoes away.



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