[Debtags-devel] Re: List admin issues

Michelle Konzack linux4michelle@freenet.de
Sun, 5 Jun 2005 13:38:50 +0200

Chiao Enrico,

Sorry, if <linux4michelle> is non-subscriber, but I get per day
between 200 und 6000 SPAMs on this E-Mail and I do not like to
change every week my E-Mail.

I am subscribed to this list with an "secret" E-Mail and the SPAM
on this is realy LOW.  I have found that all E-Maisl of the
listmembers are publich visible, a thing which I do not like.

OK, <alioth> is using an Old 1.x version of mailmain, which does
not allow the "nomail" option.  Can you suggest the <alioth>
maintaines to upgrade or is it possible to whitelist me ?

Am 2005-06-05 12:12:10, schrieb Enrico Zini:
> Hello,
> I did a small round of list admin duty, and we now have these open
> problems:
>  1) Posting to debtags-devel: many people write who are not subscribed,
>     and cross-posting from other lists makes lots of sense.  However,
>     spam does arrive.

See above.

If I read only Mailinglists via <linux4michelle> the incoming spam is
twice as high as the legetim E-Mails (1600 per day) and I will lost
many messages. This is, why I use a second E-Mail to get the Messages
cleanly from the List.

>     I would like to keep the list as it is (posts from non-subscribed
>     require moderation), but I can't get mailman to send me
>     notifications when there are messages requiring attention: the list
>     owner address is my address, but I don't get the mails.
>     No idea how to get out of this.

Which mailmain version does <alioth> use ?

>     Once this works, I could also consider setting mailman not to send a
>     notification message to posters when they await for moderation.  but


>     if this would be only to keep asuffield from complaining, the best
>     strategy would be to just ignore asuffield's complaints as usual.

>  2) Some Chinese company that particularly likes Alioth started spamming
>     on the debtags-commits mailing list, and my administration password
>     for that list doesn't seem to work.


>     /me curses mailman for not having a proper account database and
>     just using a single password for everything I should do.  And for
>     not having a "recover lost password" for the administrative
>     interface, by the way.
>     I will start figuring out what is the process for getting a new
>     one; in the meantime:
>      - if someone has the password, please let me know

Should we hack our <alioth>?  :-)

> I welcome suggestions on better ways of handling this: I'd like to spend
> the most of my time writing code and answering people in the list rather
> than keeping mosquitoes away.


> Ciao,
> Enrico


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