[Debtags-devel] sarge is stable but debtags are not...

Thaddeus H. Black t@b-tk.org
Tue, 14 Jun 2005 13:44:55 +0000

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Holger, replying to Erich:

> Yeah. So you agree:  for etch (when it's released)
> debtags should have a stable database ?

You wouldn't know it yet, Holger, but the irony in your
question is that Erich has been the principal advocate
for a stable debtags vocabulary.  Erich has even
succeeded in persuading me to this point of view.

However, it is too early yet for a stable vocabulary.
The only good way we know to build a proper, well
balanced vocabulary is through accretion of
experience---experience gained tagging thousands upon
thousands of packages.  At the present robust stage of
debtags development, the tagging of packages and the
building of vocabulary are feeding mutually and fluidly
back to one another.  My guess (this is not a schedule;
it is just an educated guess) is that we will remain in
this fluid stage until perhaps October or November 2006.

Regarding the BTS, you make a valid point as far as it
goes, but if you attend Enrico's Debtags presentation in
Finland next month (if you are able to go), this should
clarify matters somewhat.

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