[Debtags-devel] sarge is stable but debtags are not...

Erich Schubert Erich Schubert <erich.schubert@gmail.com>
Sat, 18 Jun 2005 01:48:33 -0700


> please don't send cc:s unless explicitly requested...

Many people send to such devel-lists without being subscribed, and I
can't tell from your mail whether you are subscribed or not. Usually I
trust my MUA on that, since it supposedly honors Mail-Followup-To
headers (did you set one?)
I have no idea if gmail does, I only know that when I press "reply to
all" on enricos mails it doesn't set him on to.

Furthermore, I personally find it *correct* to send a mail "to:" the
person you are talking to (especially when using the word "you"
anywhere in the mail) and "cc:" the list (which gets the mail for
notice; I'm not addressing the list as much as I do address you)

On the third hand, filtering out duplicates is easy. If you get two
"unimportant" mails (i.e. where noone might have interest in spoofing
duplicates) with the same size and date - delete one.

Now back to the topic:

> Yeah. So you agree:  for etch (when it's released) debtags should have a
> stable database ?

Btw, our plan is even a step further: on the long run we want tag
information to be contained in the packages themselves. Which of
course means that there will be a limited number of updates to the
official vocabulary...

> No, but then I file a bug against www.debian.org or the mirrors. If it's
> unappropriate to file this bug against the debtags package, ok, but IMO i=
> must be possible to file bugs about the debtags database against somethin=
g in
> the debian BTS.

When we have reached that point of adoption, we will ask for a meta package=
Or we will actually have a "debtags-vocabulary" package by then.

Right now, it would be like filing an ABI incompatibility complaint
against a libsomething0 package...

best regards,
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