[Debtags-devel] use::development

Justin B Rye jbr at edlug.org.uk
Sat Sep 10 10:59:09 UTC 2005

Peter Rockai (mornfall) wrote:
> Hi, any reason against this tag? Anyone else would find it useful?

The devel:: facet is already effectively a use::devel: subsystem, so
a generic use::development would be somewhat redundant... unless
perhaps there were a lot of unclassifiable misc-devel packages
without appropriate devel:: tags.  In that case they'd be candidates 
for a use::development tag; if they exist, I'm not recognising them,
but that's perfectly possible.

Or if you're thinking of some large specific category of development
tasks not catered for by the current tags, it would be best to try
to create a new tag for devel::whatever.  But the only thing I see
currently tagged "devel::TODO" is dak, and I don't see the reasoning
for that one.
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