New facet proposal

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at
Wed May 10 19:09:21 UTC 2006


> Jesus Climent just proposed me a new facet for debian-specific tags,
> such as "package is debian native" or "package is orphaned".  This would
> be useful at least to Debian developers, and the orphaned part also to
> others.
> So, to start it can be like this:
> Facet: debian
> Description: Debian-specific 
> Tag: debian::native
> Description: Native Debian package
> Tag: debian::orphaned
> Description: Package has no maintainer
I think it makes sense. Currently most information that comes to my mind
for this facet is derived from other sources (like the  nativ or
orphaned information). 
Examples I have in mind:
      * debian::priority:{optional,...}
      * debian::arch:{i386,ia64,...}, or perhaps better
      * debian::no-arch:{i386,ia64,...}
Generally it is probably less a new, more some package properties based
on existing information (which makes tagging fairly easy :-). We could
have debian::policy (for policy related stuff) and such, but I don't
think this makes much sense, since we do have a suite::debian and
devel::debian which should be fine grained enough.

Best regards 


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