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Enrico Zini enrico at enricozini.org
Thu May 11 03:16:08 UTC 2006


people who read commit messages on the debtags svn archive have probably
noticed that I did 'a little' work on the library.  I hope that the
large amount of commit mails didn't become annoying for the readers.

The library has undergone a *huge* refactoring, including better
templatisation, a better designing of the filtering facilities, renaming
of most classes using sensible names, introducing namespaces, porting to
the wibble collection of common code, packaging templates in .tcc files,
removing quite some useless code left around from the past, allowing to
use any sorted collection insteadof just std::set in most places, and
possibly more.

The library is API incompatible to say the least, so I'm calling it 2.0.
Luckily most of the changes should be hidden behind libapt-front for
most debtags uses, although probably not completely.

The new version of the library isn't being deployed anytime soon:
libapt-front has to be ported to it, and it's being refactored as well.
Me and mornfall will meet here at Debconf and try to pull everything
together.  Goals include having code that is simple to understand and
use, as well as efficient, and in my plans also having code that can be
used as the backend for a server reimplementation.

Let's see what Debconf brings, hoping that the huge network issues that
we're having can be solved really soon.



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