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Erich Schubert erich.schubert at
Fri May 26 21:12:59 UTC 2006

Hello Alex,
> Thanks in advance to Erich, who will have the difficult task of
> mentoring me (and warned me the SoC deadline was approaching rapidly).

Well, I hope we can do much of the mentoring here on the list, and the
other Debtags developers will actively mentor, too. ;-)
Because I'll be quite busy for the next 7 weeks. I have my first final
exam on june 13, and then about one each week. These are oral exams,
30 minutes - basically the professor tries to find out where your
knowledge ends... so he'll be asking different subjects until he found
one you don't seem to be too confident, and then grills you on that...

I think UI will actually be an important part of your work. As enrico
mentioned, it would be nice to be able to use the AI tagger for
reviewing edits, too. But all the reviewing (both AI assisted
reviewing and reviewing of AI suggested tags) will need some work.
Especially since we're not talking "single-shot" here, but we have
many packages and many tags, so a good tagger would allow the user to
work on multiple packages somehow (e.g. selecting a group of packages
and dragging them onto a set of tags, whatever) and needs to be very

I'd love to see some UI mockups early on, maybe still in june? Would be cool.

The central-database-rewrite poposal didn't make it - we'll need to
see what we can do here to give you easy access to the "live" tags

best regards,
Erich Schubert
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