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Erich Schubert erich.schubert at
Mon May 29 09:47:16 UTC 2006

Hi Stefano,
> Sure. Still, in my experience, having an official (mainly meaning in
> this context: "always the same") and easy to guess channel name helps in
> reaching the critical mass, assuming there is the intention to do it.

I don't think there will ever be enough people hacking on Debtags to
reach the critical mass. That's why I'd stick with #debian-devel.

It's not like we'll ever be 10 people working 8h a day on debtags.
More like 4 people working on average 1h a day, except Alex.

FYI: the #selinux channel is pretty much dead most of the time.
And you bet that there are way more people than will ever be on Debtags.

> Have it official is quite easy: just register the channel via chanserv
> and invite chanserv to join it so that it never get hijacked by others,
> not even temporarily. (Note that I don't remember how to invite

Why bother? If we need a channel for a meeting, we'll find a name. And
for regular hanging around and occassional discussion I'd just use
My channels list already fills my screen - I'm really reluctant to add
any new channel... and that is a common issue. I even know of people
who have reached the max. number of channels you can be on in IRC (I'm
on three networks regularly, so I'm far from that limit)

best regards,
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