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Justin B Rye jbr at
Thu Nov 9 18:12:48 CET 2006

(Sorry if I'm boring you iterators)

Sanghyeon Seo wrote:
> I'd like to point out some Debian packages Justin missed.
>>>  * "Website Design & Tools"
>>>    PROPOSAL: proposes a new facet "web-design" with the
>>>    following tags:
>>>    "Website design" -> website ::editors
>>>    "HTML Editors" -> website ::editors::HTML
>> The only dedicated webby editing app I've seen in Debian is nvu,
>> which seems to have vanished again, but would have been tagged
>> adequately by devel::web + use::editing.
> How about quanta, and other packages pulled by kdewebdev?

Fair enough.  That deserves some sort of IDE tag, but I really don't
think it makes sense to duplicate use::editing and works-with::HTML
under web::. 

Given that these are examples of web::ide, and of course there are
plenty of devel::ide packages, would it make sense to think of the
commercial workflow-integration-framework whosits as IDEs too?
Hence a generic use::ide... probably too much of a stretch. 

>>>  * "Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)" -> [NEW] Facet::ERP
>> We've got "facturalux - ERP/CRM software for GNU/Linux", with two
>> maintainers and two popcon votes... but let's not give it a
>> top-level facet of its own just yet.
> There's also tinyerp-server. It is a popular ERP choice in the free
> software world, and I actually saw someone asking for it on #debian,
> because he expected this package to be named simply "tinyerp".

That's more like it - 15 votes.  I see it is indeed a single package
that claims to do everything you'd want ERP/CRM for, so the most
we'd ever want is an ::erp-crm tag somewhere.  Can we find any
related tiny sets of corporate-IT productivity/workflow-integration 
packages we could merge into some more substantial category?
Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing)

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