Vocabulary updates

Enrico Zini enrico at enricozini.org
Thu Nov 16 21:28:44 CET 2006


I went through the list mail of the past week, trying to extract the
uncontroversial items and to bring them into the vocabulary.

New tags:

  Tag: admin::issuetracker
  Description: Issue tracker

  Tag: admin::virtualization
  Description: Virtualization
   This is not hardware emulation, but rather those facilities that
   allow to create many isolated compartments inside the same system.

  Tag: devel::web
  Description: Web
   Web-centric frameworks, CGI libraries and other web-specific
   development tools.

  Tag: field::linguistics
  Description: Linguistics

  Tag: game::fps
  Description: First person shooter
  Tag: game::sport
  Description: Sport games
  Tag: game::sport:racing
  Description: Racing

  Tag: security::privacy
  Description: Privacy

  Tag: use::filtering
  Description: Filtering

  Tag: web::forum
  Description: Forum

  Tag: web::portal
  Description: Portal

  Tag: web::search-engine
  Description: Search engine

Updated tags:

  Tag: uitoolkit::tk
  Implies: uitoolkit
  -Description: TK (for TCL)
  +Description: TK

Thanks agaim to iterating.org for the list and mapping proposals.



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