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Enrico Zini enrico at
Thu Nov 16 21:07:16 CET 2006


I am no field expert in this, but I don't mind starting it as an
experiment.  I'll post a tentative set of tags here to collect some
feedback, and especially, package names to go with it.  Then in a week
or so I can throw it in the vocabulary and we can see where it wants to

 Facet: office
 Description: Office and business
 Tag: office::business-finance
 Description: Business and Finance
 Tag: office::document-management
 Description: Document management
 Tag: office::info-mangers
 Description: Information management
 Tag: office::legal
 Description: Legal
 Tag: office::personal-finance
 Description: Finance
 Tag: office::presentation
 Description: Presentation tools
 Tag: office::project-management
 Description: Project management

 Tag: office::sales-marketing
 Description: Sales and marketing
 Tag: office::schedule
 Description: Scheduling
 Tag: office::spreadsheet
 Description: Spreadsheet
 Tag: office::suite
 Description: Suites



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