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Enrico Zini enrico at
Sat Nov 18 17:10:49 CET 2006

On Sat, Nov 18, 2006 at 01:09:34PM +0000, Justin B Rye wrote:

  Tag: admin::automation
  Description: Automation and scheduling
   Automating the execution of software in the system.

  Tag: works-with::network-traffic
  Description: Network traffic
   Routers, shapers, sniffers, firewalls and other tools
   that work with a stream of network packets.

  Tag: web::commerce
  Description: E-commerce

  Tag: admin::recovery
  Description: Data recovery

  Tag: security::forensics
  Description: Forensics
   Post-mortem analysis of intrusions.


  Tag: admin::forensics
  Description: Forensics and Recovery
   Recovering lost or damaged data.
 +  This tag will be split into admin::recovery
 +  and security::forensics.

> > We have a field::electronics.  We can consider that it suffices for home
> > automation, but field::electronics gives me more the idea of something
> > to study electronic equipment rather than of something to drive them.
> > To me, it fits under hardware.  Something like hardware::nerd, but
> > meaningful.
> Plain hardware::electronic, or ::gadget, or ::hobby?

gadget and hobby are tricky, because one could decide to start a sound
business over these home automation things.
hardware::electronic sounds good, with the risk of someone not getting
it with the idea that all computer hardware is electronic after all.

Nudge me lightly and I'll be happy with hardware::electronic.

> > I like the idea of a communication facet to encompass the current mail
> > one.  I don't like 'comms' (sounds like modems) and communication is too
> > long.  But once we get a name, I think the rest of the merge will follow
> > quickly.
> Does "communication" sound better when you consider the alternative of
> "telecommunications"?

Eh.  Telecommunications would be the perfect word.  t16n? 
(hoping it won't get confused with Thiruvananthapuram[1] :)


Among the list above, t16n is the one that attracts me the most atm.

> > > >     "Video Codecs" -> "video::codes"
> > > That's role::shared-lib (cf "The Theora Video Compression Codec", ie
> > > libtheora0).
> By the way, on the topic of role::shared-lib, it looks like an
> enormous number of libraries lack that tag -  a candidate for some
> sort of automation?

You remind me of autodebtag.  I'll try to have a look over the week-end.

> > This would nicely fit media::codec as well.  I like the idea.
> > media::streaming, too.  Would you like to plan the new media::* facet
> > and the merge with sound::?
> Let me move all those old ::TODO tags onto the appropriate new tags
> and then I'll think about it. 




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