TODO-list page, the arrival of popcon, a submission alias on Alioth

Enrico Zini enrico at
Sun Nov 19 17:06:43 CET 2006


I made a new toy for us all to play with:

That page will show the top 500 packages by popcon rankings that still
have no tags.  Click on a package to go and tag it.  The edit.html page
will have a handy link to go back to the TODO list and choose another

This is cool in many ways:

 - It helps getting the most popular packages tagged, which is very
   important indeed.
 - debtagsd now can access popcon data: it means that we are finally
   starting to see some popcon data touching some debtags data!

Unfortunately, most of the top tags at the moment are shared libraries.
The next step is to have a look at autodebtag and automatically throw
some tags at them, so that boring work will have been done and the TODO
page will show something more interesting.

Then (wow!) the Alioth admins have set up an e-mail alias on Alioth that
we can use for tag submission.  After I'm done with autodebtag, I'll
have a look: that's the missing bit to completing the move to Alioth of
the database at



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