office::* facet proposal

Enrico Zini enrico at
Sat Nov 18 17:39:27 CET 2006

On Sat, Nov 18, 2006 at 01:05:43PM +0000, Justin B Rye wrote:

  Facet: office
  Description: Office and business

  Tag: office::finance
  Description: Finance

  Tag: office::groupware
  Description: Groupware

  Tag: office::presentation
  Description: Presentation

  Tag: office::project-management
  Description: Project management

  Tag: office::spreadsheet
  Description: Spreadsheet

> >  Tag: office::business-finance
> >  Description: Business and Finance
> Maybe tinyerp-* ?

I feel a bit of confusion between business-finance and personal-finance.
Looking at the tinyerp proposal I wonder whether office::erp isn't a
better go.  Note that I don't precisely know what's an ERP :)

Another ERP thing in Debian is facturalux, totalling 3 package
candidates.  Maybe whatever this tag is, it can wait another bit.

> >  Tag: office::document-management
> >  Description: Document management
> >
> >  Tag: office::info-mangers
> >  Description: Information management
> Trivial typo there; and in fact this and the previous one should
> probably both be -management.  Er, but what's the difference?
> Maybe gnue-*, especially -reports?  Or might database-related apps
> like cldump/knoda count for this?

Knowledge-management maybe?  Like knowledgetree?
I do agree these two tags look the same to me.

> Perhaps this should have the word "calendar" in it somewhere; they
> seem to turn up as part of "groupware" suites like evolution or
> phpgroupware, along with mail/collaboration features.  Maybe it
> ought to be office::groupware?

I added office::groupware.  I feel like the description could be
improved, as groupware sounds to me like "software for groups" and
doesn't tell much about what it does.  "Group coordination"?
"Group work?"

> >  Tag: office::suite
> >  Description: Suites
> Would this tag belong on individual packages that claim to
> constitute an entire suite in their own right?

Good question.  In that case, it probably belongs in scope::*.
I'm all for leaving it aside.



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