Please support experimental in the web tagger

Josh Triplett josh at
Tue Nov 28 11:03:09 CET 2006

Benjamin Mesing wrote:
>> I'd love to see support for
>> experimental-only packages in the tagger, so that people can tag packages
>> there without needing to wait until they hit the wider audience of unstable.
> Agreed. 
> We also need a way to tag packages in the process of packaging.
> Otherwise we will never get people to tag packages, the way we want them
> to. 
> Perhaps a field in the Package Control file that lists the tags and is
> parsed upon upload would be in order?

A field in the package control file seems somewhat problematic, though.  In
particular, if a package includes tags in its control file which prove
incorrect or deficient, and the debtags mechanism provides more up to date
tags, you end up with package with differing tags in its control/diff/source
and in the Packages file.

To mitigate this, it would help to have some sort of tag disparity messages on
upload, similar to the override disparity mails.  The relationship between
overrides, package control files, and section/priority seems very much like
the relationship between the debtags database, a hypothetical extension to
package control files, and tags.

- Josh Triplett

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