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On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 09:58:20AM +0100, Benjamin Mesing wrote:

> > 20:52 #ekhis < bmesing> hmm, what's the use for a JDK?
> > 20:52 #ekhis < bmesing> There is no use:developing available as far as I see.
> > I'm in favour of such a tag.  The idea came out (again) recently in the
> > list:
> >
> > It's the second time it came out, and I'm starting to consider that even
> > if in the previous thread we didn't reach a consensus on it, I should
> > just add it.
> I agree. Otherwise the use::axis is incomplete in an important area.
> However, one problem might be naming this tag. As mornfall points out in
> the thread you mention, "to develop" has a lot of meanings
> ( Perhaps the full tag name could
> be somewhat more descriptive?
> Perhaps: "Software Development" - though this might imply something to
> big.
> Hmm, looking at the devel:: facet, we could use its description for the
> use::devel tag, which is indeeed "Software Development".

After looking at the dictionary, I think use::developing is ok.  Then it
could even be used besides software development, like for example with
field::electronics, or for game sdk (use::development + game::adventure).

So I intend to add this in a couple of days:

  Tag: use::developing
  Description: Development

> Feel free to quote me on debtags-devel.

/me waves :)



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