role::devel-lib vs. role::shared-lib

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at
Wed Nov 29 10:01:08 CET 2006


tagging libqt4-core I was wondering how to tag it.
role::shared-lib seems to be right, but from the description
role::devel-lib sounds right too (Library and header files used in
software development or building).
Searching for current examples is not very enlightening:
        > debtags search role::shared-lib
        libdirectfb-0.9-25 - direct frame buffer graphics - shared
        libaio-dev - linux kernel aio access library - development files
        > debtags search role::devel-lib
        libaio1 - linux kernel aio access library - shared library

What about x11::library?

Ok, looking at it seems like
role::shared-lib is the way to go. If you agree, I will updated the wiki
(which still mentions role::sw:shlib).

lib*, lib*-dev tagging is definitely a candidate for a tagging tip. 

@Enrico: if feasible you should make it "next tip" instead of "new tip",
so one won't end up seeing the same tip again and again.

Regards Ben

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