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Justin B Rye jbr at
Fri Jul 6 18:13:13 UTC 2007

Bill Allombert wrote:
> What you should do:
> ===================
>   Look up the new hierachy in the menu manual and update your
> menu files to use the new hierachy. The manual include example packages
> for each sections.  A summary of change is provided below. If you are
> not sure where to put your menu entry, please send an email to the
> debian-policy list.

We might consider adopting a couple of these categories for the
debtags vocabulary.  The most obvious are:

-- Science/Data Analysis

("field::data-analysis" would include a lot of things currently
labelled "field::mathematics".  Indeed I'm not sure exactly what
it would leave under ::mathematics - it's not as if Andrew Wiles
spends all his time running kcalc...) 

-- Science/Engineering

("field::engineering"; for instance?)

-- Science/Geoscience

(we currently have "field::geology" and "::geography"; perhaps their
Descriptions could be "Geology/geoscience", "Geography/cartography")

-- Science/Medicine

(CDDs are already using a suite::debian-med)

-- Science/Social

(field::social-science; for instance?)

-- TV and Radio

(a hardware:: subcategory?)

Name-changes to consider standardising with:

* Apps/Hamradio -> Applications/Amateur Radio

(Compare "hardware::hamradio, Description: Ham Radio")

* Games/Arcade -> Games/Action

(In fact game::arcade already covers this in its Description)

* Games/Tetris-like -> Games/Blocks

(Compare "game::tetris, Description: Tetris-like")
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