Proposal for some new tags...

Justin B Rye jbr at
Sun Jul 15 11:40:06 UTC 2007

Marcin Owsiany wrote:
> I just did a careful review of the tags for my packages, and found that
> they could use the following hypothetic tags:
> protocol::gg (Gadu-Gadu protocol. Very popupar in Poland, packages that
> I know support it: ekg ekg2 libgadu3 libgadu-dev kopete gaim, possibly
> more)

This missing protocol has been mentioned before -

At present we have a rather confused collection of tags like
works-with::im and use::chatting.  It has been proposed that we
should reorganise the mail:: facet as a general computer-mediated 
communications (cmc::?) facet, but that idea never went anywhere.
Several of your requests look like they belong there.

> works-with-format::po (Portable Object for holding program messages and
> their translations. My package potool would use it. Probably there are
> lots more po file editors in Debian. Also automatic po file
> processors/generators could use it)

I couldn't see any until I thought of "debtags search devel::i18n"!
At present we don't even have works-with-format tags for GIF or
MPEG, so works-with-format::po seems overspecialised.

> culture::english (or anglo-saxon, or american.. I don't want a flamewar
> on how it sould be called, you know what I mean. Would be nice for e.g.
> ydpdict which is a Polish-German and Polish-English dictionary
> interface. Probably there are lots more.)

I've been saying for years (literally) that we need at least a
culture::english, and preferably a complete redesign with
locale::en-us, ::en-gb etc.  Nobody listens.

> works-with::sms (Short Messages System - i.e. text messages you send to
> mobile phones. A package I co-maintain: sms-pl deals with that, there
> are probably more)

Another candidate for handling under the hypothetical cmc:: facet,
or as protocol::sms.

(Most sources say SMS is "Short Message Service".)

> use::notification (not sure if this is a good name. Would be useful for
> packages that make user or another program aware of some fact:
>  - sms-pl lets you send SMS notifications
>  - xmotd, in one mode of operation, wakes up and displays a file when it
>    changes
> Maybe it's a little too general.. but maybe not.

We've got a mail::notification, but that has caused some confusion
since it might mean either (a) new-mail monitors (such as kbiff) or
(b) notification via mail about something else (like logcheck).  As
I understood it we'd decided we preferred to restrict it to (a), so
your proposed use::notification would be awkward.

There's use::check...
Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing)

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