A small big step towards a new webapp

Enrico Zini enrico at enricozini.org
Fri Dec 23 15:52:47 UTC 2011


you may not notice it (in fact, if all goes well you MUST NOT notice it
:P) but http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/todo.html and
http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/edit.html are now powered by the new
django-based backend code running at debtags.debian.net on DSA-managed

That is the new site coming to life. Besides a legacy API-compatible
interface which can power the old webapps, there are some prototype
report pages:


Note that it now knows of source packages, so it can group binary
packages by sources in a maintainer view.

The code is here:


And now it is finally humanly possible to add new features to the

There are a few things that I still need to work on before the migration
is functionally complete:

 - daily backup of the tag database: broken since today
 - automatic tagging of not-yet-tagged packages: broken since today
 - statistical generation of tag suggestions: broken since today
 - daily update of vocabulary browser: broken since today
 - email patch submission: broken since April Alioth migration
 - QA tags generation: broken since April Alioth migration
 - aggregate patches by submitter for approval: broken since Alioth

Other experimental pages (tag cloud, smart search) have been broken
since I don't know how long, and they can now, finally, be properly
reimplemented on a proper webapp.



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