Tags for region and translation status?

Michael Vogt mvo at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 13 10:22:38 UTC 2012


when discussing about how to classify software better two ideas came
up and I would like to ask for you opinions about them.

One is to have a "region::" tag that would include the rfc3166
regions. The meaning would be something like "useful mainly in this
region". This could be e.g. a german tax application that is specific
to the german tax law. Or a IM client that is used 99% in china. Or a
english train table travel planer. The use-case would be that e.g. in
software-center there would be a gentle warning that the app may not
be useful in your current region. It could also be used to alter
search results (e.g. region::cn and searching for IM). I know there is
the culture:: tag, but it seems to not quite match the above plus its
not granular enough for e.g. the tax application use-case (as
culture::german is too broad and includes other german speaking
countries with different tax laws).

The other one (probably more controversial as this will clutter the
Tags file a lot) is to include a translated::$lang tag when there is a
translation for the app (or when more than e.g. 80% are
translated). This would be useful to e.g. hide (or warn about)
untranslated apps for the current users language. I'm not 100%
convinced about this one myself as it will potentially increase the
size of the tags quite a bit (but I guess I should actually measure
this). But I would really like the feature :)

If there is approval about the idea I'm happy to implement a client
lib/command similar to the new debtagshw/debtags-hardware work.

Feedback about the above ideas are very welcome!


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