region::*/iso3166::* tags [was: Re: Tags for region and translation status?]

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Tue Feb 14 13:03:29 UTC 2012

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 11:22:38AM +0100, Michael Vogt wrote:

> One is to have a "region::" tag that would include the rfc3166
> regions. The meaning would be something like "useful mainly in this
> region". This could be e.g. a german tax application that is specific
> to the german tax law. Or a IM client that is used 99% in china. Or a
> the culture:: tag, but it seems to not quite match the above plus its
> not granular enough for e.g. the tax application use-case (as
> culture::german is too broad and includes other german speaking
> countries with different tax laws).

I'd like the idea: culture is a hack and I'd be glad if it went away.
The iso15924 tag is an example of going in that direction.

Some caveats:
 - we need to be *very* careful to use common_name instead of name, from
   /usr/share/xml/iso-codes/iso_3166.xml, when generating tag
 - we are talking 252 new tags here, most of which would have no
   packages at all. Should we just add them all, or should we just add a
   few of them, then add more as they are needed?
 - there are fine lines in tagging: a Han font should have one or more
   of the iso15924::han[ist] tags, but it probably shouldn't have
   iso3166::cn, iso3166::hk, iso3166::jp, iso3166::tw and so on: people
   can write with that script in any country, really. This may be clear
   once you explain it, but I expect it'll be a tricky thing for casual

Based on the previous points:
 - qviaggiatreno, tryton-modules-account-*, the belgian id card stuff,
   dtaus, totem-plugin-arte, get-iplayer are uncontroversial examples.
 - xtide-data-nonfree is tricky: it currently would be a candidate for
   Canada, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK tags, but what if it adds
   5 more countries over the years, where do we draw a line of it to
   become global enough?
 - hanzim, input methods and fonts should NOT have iso3166 tags, but
   they should have iso15924 tags instead.
 - localization packages should NOT have iso3166 tags

Does this make sense?

[I'll answer the bit about locales in a new mail]



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