Add new tag uitoolkit::xcb and maybe x11::composite-manager?

Arnaud Fontaine arnau at
Wed Jan 18 01:32:43 UTC 2012

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Thanks for your quick reply.

Erich Schubert <erich.schubert at> writes:

>> Could it be  possible to add a  new tag  uitoolkit::xcb? ATM there is
>> only uitoolkit::xlib but many packages are using xcb instead of xlib.
> Is this a significant difference,  or doesn't it essentially boil down
> to "raw  X"?  After  all, GTK  is supposed  to use  xlib or  xcb also,
> afaict.

Both xcb  and xlib are  libraries implementing  the X protocol,  but are
indeed very different. I  think it would be like saying  that GTK and QT
are the same ;-).

>> Also,  even though  it  would  only concern  very  few packages,  I'm
>> wondering     if     a       tag     x11::compositing-manager      or
>> x11::composite-manager  should be added?
> Is this  a signficiant  difference to being  a window  manager? Aren't
> most composite  managers also doing  window management?  I  see little
> end-user benefits here, actually.

There is a difference between a composite window manager (such as Compiz
or Kwin) and a composite manager  (such as xcompmgr or unagi) which runs
along any window manager (such as Awesome). A composite manager enhances
an existing window manager by  providing effects such as translucency or
application switcher with live previews rather than icons.

I think that users may want to look for a composite manager to run along
their window manager (indeed any user which is not using Compiz, Kwin or
Mutter), that's  why I suggested  adding such  tag.  On the  other hand,
AFAIK there are currently only two composite manager packages, therefore
I'm not  sure that  would be enough  and perhaps there  could be  a more
generic tag  name which  would cover both  composite window  manager and
composite manager?

Arnaud Fontaine
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