Add new tag uitoolkit::xcb and maybe x11::composite-manager?

Erich Schubert erich.schubert at
Wed Jan 18 06:40:32 UTC 2012

Hello Arnaud,
> Both xcb  and xlib are  libraries implementing  the X protocol,  but are
> indeed very different. I  think it would be like saying  that GTK and QT
> are the same ;-).

But is the X protocol a "UI Toolkit", or doesn't this tag usually
indicate that it doesn't use any toolkit at all?

> Mutter), that's  why I suggested  adding such  tag.  On the  other hand,
> AFAIK there are currently only two composite manager packages, therefore
> I'm not  sure that  would be enough  and perhaps there  could be  a more

Well, when the tag is name so it does include compositing window
managers, then it will also apply to compiz*, mutter (probably), kwin,
xfwm4 (?). So it could get the 7 packages we IIRC require for debtags.
For me, the question however remains whether it is more useful for the
user to have these (probably confusing, since they are overlapping)
tags, or just one.
As for compositing. I gave it a try, but actually found it pretty
useless (I actually like my windows to be opaque), and it seemed to
eat much more battery power than not using it. But that is irrelevant

Sorry if I appear to be rejecting everything. My answer is just a
comment, not any kind of decision. I'm a bit opposed to
overcategorizing things, but that is just my personal preference.


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